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The Hotel & Motorest V Údolí Zlatého potoka location lies within reach of many interesting tourist destinations. A few of them we present you here.

The Town of Blšany

Městský úřad v Blšanech The first mention about town of Blšany was in 1228, in that time the town was the property of saint George temple in Prague castle. In the second half on 13th century Blšany became a property of Prague archbishopric. At the beginning of 16th century the town became a part of Lobkovic dynasty property and in that time it was promoted to town with the own symbol and seal. In 1541 the town was granted by important privileges such as right for court, right for brew beer, collecting of duty, dealing with salt and right to fair celebrating.From the beginning of 17th century the town was passing from one owner to another ( Kolovrat, count from Baden-Baden) and the last owners are the family of Černín. Wide system of cyklepaths are located in the neighbourhood of Blšany. We can also mention, that Blšany is a football village, which has played in first league for several years. Photo source: Web

Municipality Siřem (2 km)

Obec Siřem It is well known because the writer Franz Kafka used to visit this place with his sister Otýlia. Here he wrote his famous novel Castle. Photo source: Web

Schiller´s observation (5 km)

Schiller´s observation The tower stands in the village Kryry and it was bulit between 1905 – 1906. On this place use to stand Kozihrady castle. In 1905 was celebrated 100. aniversary of german poet Friedrich Schiller and this observation is his tribute. The builders where local ladies together with people from Kryry which were living in Vienna. Photo source: Web

Krásný Dvůr castle (8 km)

Krásný dvůr The state castle Krásný dvůr is situated in a village of the same name, about 12 km south-west from Žatec and near to Blšany. It is surrounded by french garden and large english park with many romantic bulidings. The park offers very beautiful nature, mainly broadleaved trees – 1000 years old oak.The castle was probably bulit in 14th centruy. In the 17th century it was bought by the family of Černín, who have marked the history of the castle the most. In the end of the 18th century there was a chapel built in the castle and also a Great English park was created – it was the first one in Bohemia. Since 1945 it has been the state property. Many famous persns have visited this castle, e.g. J.W.Ghoete, prince Metternich, or Josef Dobrovský. Nowadays you can see there exposition of contemporary interiers and arangements, collections of glass, clocks, arts and others. Important is also the library where are books from nearby castles like Petrohrad, Chýše, Hartenberg, Slabce. You can see there also an unique collection of 42 Barogue dog portraits. Photo source: Web

Municipality Jesenice (10 km)

It offers planty of ponds, large complexes of forests rich of blueberries and mushrooms, many cycling paths.

The royal town of Žatec (12 km)

Town Žatec This town offes many cultural possibilities – e.g. town theatre, cinema, summer cinema, Hop museum, historical brewery, townhall, synagogue, town rampart, Madonna church, civil airport in Žatec offers plane rental. Photo source: Web

Reservoir Nechranice (22 km)

Nechranická přehrada Nechranice dam offers possibility of wide choice of water sports mainly for windsurfing lovers, water skiing, swimming etc. Photo source: Web

Valeč castle (24 km)

Zámek Valeč There is no doubt that the dominant building in Valeč is the castle, where the gothic castle used to be many years ago. Later it was rebuilt in Renascence style. Photo source: © J. Holpuch

Chyše castle and castle brewery (27 km)

Zámek Chyše This Castle originally from 13th cenetury, was rebuilt in Baroque style in 18th century. In this time it was also a property of count Katanský from Buková. In 1945 it was nationalized and than ruined by state organizations until 1996, when Ing. Vladimír Katanský bought it back. Since that time the castle has gone through reconstructions as well as the nearby castle brewery. Photo source: © J. Holpuch

The royal town of Kadaň (27 km)

Town Kadaň Among the most imporant monuments of the town belongs the castle which is on the rock above the river Ohře, Franciscan temple with the church, Church of the Exaltation of the Holy gross, townhall with unique tower, Headsman street or remains of town fort. Photo source: © Karel Vetrovec

The royal brewery Krušovice (29 km)

Pivovar Krušovice If you want to come and take a look on one of the most famous and also the oldest brewery (founded in 1581) in the Czech republic, or taste local beer, than visit Krušovice. Photo source: © ondramasar

The royal town of Rakovník (32 km)

Town Rakovník This town is situated in the county with wide complex of Křivoklát forests. First mention comes from 1252. In 1588, Rudolf II proclaimed this town as Royal. You can visit there e.g. – The church of Holy Trinity and nearby bell tower, brewery, synagogue, house of Samson, square with Baroque townhall, High tower, st.Bartoloměj church, Prague gate and Jewish cementery. Photo source: ©

Klášterec nad Ohří castle (36 km)

Zámek Klášterec nad Ohří First mentions came from 1590. It was several times reconstructed and during the last reconstruction in 19th century it got its pseudo-gothic appearance. In nearby park you can find rare wood with over 220 kinds of trees from whole world. Photo source: © J. Holpuch

Lubenec, Manětín, Kralovice area (23-40 km)

Hřib borový Rich and large forests in this area can delight you not only with its area, but mainly with its profusion of fruits, mainly mushrooms. Come for a walk and leave with basket full of mushrooms. Photo source: ©

The town of Most (45 km)

Town Most The town of Most was reconstructed in the seventies, when the „original and old“ Most with many historical and important buildings had to retreat to brown coal mining. Displacement of Gothic dean´s Madonna church by 840m farther. It became a memorial and tribute to former royal town of Most. From other historical and important monuments there is the Hněvín castle, where the pharmacist Edward Kelly was locked up. While trying to escape he broke his only healthy leg and he had to stay on the castle, which made him commit suicide. The legend says that he cursed the town of Most to make it dissappear, which later came true. Other interesting points: horse race areal Hipodrom, autodrom, aquadrom, aerodrom, golf areal, observatory, planetarium, castle. Photo source: © Jiří Pail

The royal castle of Křivoklát (50 km)

Hrad Křivoklát The castle is situated on the rock above the valley formed by Rakovník stream in strongly forested basin. Křivoklát belongs to the most remarkable and the oldest royal castles in the Czech republic. Its origins reaches to 13th century, when its building began. People say, that it is the coldest castle in Bohemia! Photo source: © T. Forche


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